Learn Spanish immersed with Spanish natives in Madrid's towns, surrounded by nature.

It has been shown that when students experience, live and relate to the language, they end up assimilating it, instead of memorizing it!

What our students say

We have made a lot of new friends from many different countries... and we 💛 that.

Spanish Online Course A1 – B2 Level

I am very happy with all aspects of the lessons. All of the lessons are tailored to your level, needs and goals. I fully recommend Spanish My World for your Spanish classes, you will be challenged, pushed and most of all love learning Spanish.


Linguistic University Student

Learning Spanish with Liliana is a real joy! The lessons are well-structured, focused on student`s needs and oriented on practical use of the language. Thankful for the time with Liliana as she has a great talent to teach and communicate with students! I really recommend Spanish My World method!


“Flexible method”

I work fulltime and have 2 small children, so making time for Spanish classes can be difficult. Liliana is a great instructor because she is really flexible to my needs, both from a scheduling perspective and also on my Spanish skill sets and background.

USA | Baxter

“Awesome course”

The course is really great, it is well structured and my teacher prepares the classes carefully to my needs and adjusts them when necessary. I felt very comfortable and I can recommend it. Thank you so much

Germany | Daimler

“Proffesional teachers”

Liliana is a very good Spanish teacher. She is very professional and does her job with pleasure. I enjoyed my classes with her because they were very diverse and fun. The classes were individual and practical. 100% Recommended.


Spanish Immersion in Madrid

I spent 2 weeks in Spain immersion in Madrid with a family and it was a very good experience. I liked the food, the shopping, the excursions and the classes: fun and enjoyable. Thanks to the Spanish lessons with Liliana and the activities with native speakers, I improved my level in understanding the language.

Oliver (17 years old)

Spanish Online for DELE B2 Exam

I needed online Spanish lessons for my DELE B2 exam. Liliana prepared the classes and in a few weeks I was ready. I learned many things in my lessons that don’t exist in the books. I will continue taking online courses with Liliana. Maybe next summer I will do some immersion in Madrid to get to know the culture up close.


What do we offer in Spanish My World?

A new way to learn Spanish

🔴 Spanish courses from 7 days immersed with natives in a town of Madrid: live 12 hours of Spanish language per day, the equivalent of 4 days in an accademy.

🔴 Learn the language by getting to know the culture and experiencing it, while doing activities in nature that respect the environment.

🔴 Stay with a family, in a rural hotel or an apartment, sharing daily activities with locals.

🔴 Guided visits to Madrid, Toledo, Segovia or Alcalá de Henares.

¡Choose the activity and we make it possible!

Spanish Courses in Madrid's Nature

All courses are personalized for each group.


Spanish course for children in the nature of Guadarrama National Park Multiadventure Camp.
Learn spanish immersed in the language with friends, as a couple, or even alone!
Relax. Enjoy this family experience surrounded by mountains and learn Spanish immersed in the nature.
Make the meetings with your team in a privileged environment, while learn necessaries words for your business.
🟢 Multi-adventure Summer Camp

🟢 Airport pickup/drop off

🟢 Full board and fun activities

🟢 Accident/civil responsibility insurance

🟢 Available all year
🟢 Stay in a rural hotel or in a town

🟢 Half or full board

🟢 Travel insurance

🟢 Discover local and ecological products

🟢 Activities immersed in the nature
🟢 Stay in a rural hotel or with a family

🟢 Airport/Train station pickup/drop off

🟢 Half or full board

🟢 Travel insurance

🟢 A lot of fun activities
🟢 Stay in a 4-Stars Hotel

🟢 Full board

🟢 Civil-resposability insurance

🟢 Guided visits and fun activities

🟢 In office: individual or in group

How will you master the Spanish language?

With an innovative and effective method

🔴 Living in 100% immersion in the Spanish culture and language with Spanish families.

🔴 With a program of cultural guided visits in Spanish where you will discover corners of Madrid, as well as the famous Spanish gastronomy.

🔴 Through our method we train your ear and your oral expression by 70% and work the grammar by 30%, always using creativity in a transversal way.

Are you ready to start speaking Spanish?

Why you should take a Spanish Immersion Course

Top #3 language

Interestingly, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages with a bright future.

Job Opportunities

Mastery of a second language can be a valuable asset for both employers and employees.


People who speak two languages often experience a variety of health benefits

Activities in the nature of Madrid

Horse Riding

Cycling Routes



Water and ground sports


Paddle surf



Children activities

Rock climbing


Adventure park


-In collaboration with-

Spanish2go is a spanish school in Austria, where you can learn and get to know the Austrian culture with Johanna Rakaseder.
Do you want to come to Spain as an Au Pair while learning Spanish and getting to know its culture?

Courses acording to Common European Framework.

Spanish2go is a spanish school in Austria, where you can learn and get to know the Austrian culture with Johanna Rakaseder.

Do you want to come to Spain as an Au Pair while learning Spanish and getting to know its culture?

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