Spanish My World Team

From Spanish My World we want to be drivers of learning Spanish, taking into account the 3 types of intelligences we have (according to Sternberg):


ANALYTICAL Intelligence (is responsible for helping us to incorporate knowledge, memorize)


CREATIVE Intelligence: Through the tools that humans have, they can create and react to new stimuli.


PRACTICAL Intelligence: apply cognitive skills to shape and adapt the knowledge learned.


Our teaching method is to apply analytical intelligence 30% (theory-grammar), work practical intelligence 70% (expression) using creative intelligence (adapt and generate) transversally.


¡You choose your activity and we make it possible!..

Objectives of Our Team

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers. They have a wide experience with foreign students.

They have university degree in Language and specialized studies in teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

The team of teachers of Spanish My World, it has been carefully selected to ensure a good connection, patience, a sense of humor, knowledge and a passion for teaching.

About Liliana

I am Liliana, founder and director of Spanish My World: SMW.

I am a Primary Teacher and Spanish Teacher for foreigners, and I own a Master’s degree in Intercultural Mediation.

I have first-hand experience on teaching techniques as well as the different needs presented by the students.

I had the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country and teach Spanish to people of different languages.

I have been working in the teaching of Spanish for more than 15 years, I have taught this language to children, youth and adults, adapting to their profiles.

I have dedicated my professional life to the organization of events, cultural activities that, together with the passion of knowing other cultures, made me decide to join my entire experience and training to set up this project focused on Spanish.

I love nature, the contact with trees and the sound of birds, peace and serenity that transmit the smells of the countryside.

I am convinced that combining these points together with the activities can be done with them and the Spanish classes, the ideal formula to learn and assimilate a language.

About Liliana