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Academy vs. Immersion

Haste is the engine of all our actions and it involves our life accelerating it, saving every second, worshipping at a speed that does not make us better. We are in a very competitive circuit, where academic preparation is required of us, as well as knowledge of foreign languages to access a job.

We want to introduce you to a method of learning Spanish that combines the slow movement, you will have the possibility of learning in an environment where you will not be dispersed, you will know the Spanish culture from the inside: in towns of the Sierra of Madrid, in an atmosphere totally prepared not to distract you: enjoy the tranquility of the place while you learn the language in a less traditional way, doing activities with natives, immersed in the language with more than 12hs daily, similar to 4 days of Spanish classes in an academy: Optimize your time that is worth gold! 

  • We adapt the course to your tastes and needs
  • You will know the different accents of the language
  • You will learn in a fast and fun way

Our courses are designed to be carried out in a sustainable way:

To take advantage of the benefits of nature in Madrid, which brings us local and ecological products, cultivated and produced by locals, as well as the activities that can be carried out there, the collaboration of the locals, who are the ones who know it best .

It has been proven that, by doing activities in nature, we connect with our inner selves, and this brings us different benefits: it strengthens concentration, reduces the risk of mental illness, lessens the feeling of fatigue, improves mood and self-esteem, reduces stress, helps increase vitamin D, and the tranquillity and slow pace of the environment is then reflected in our lives. 

Scientific studies show that children who play and learn while living with nature produce greater plasticity at the cerebral level in their organism, having an impact on neuronal connections, which favours intellectual development and cognitive learning. Therefore, they improve their reasoning capacity, are more autonomous and become aware of the care of the environment: for this reason, we offer summer camps or living with a family in a village in the nature of Madrid.

Studying in an environment surrounded by trees, plants, and the sound of birds, among other components, increases motivation; it awakens the imagination and creativity; being in a peaceful environment, you achieve more interest and more attention; so the combination of teaching with experience in this environment, makes learning more meaningful.


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