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Discover the best 5 podcasts to learn Spanish without difficulty

Learning to speak Spanish correctly is often complicated, because it depends on the teacher, the willingness you have to incorporate this new language and many other external factors that influence when learning.

Did you know that by not learning Spanish within a native community you are missing out on the opportunity to experience how different terms, phrases and expressions are applied correctly?

On the other hand, Spanish is one of the most complex languages to learn, so it is not enough to take an online course or a traditional academy.

But you will find below solutions that will fit what you are looking for in order to learn Spanish effectively and with visible results: the podcasts.

Podcasts as a valuable learning tool

An effective alternative is to learn through podcasts, a powerful tool that helps you understand, interpret and assimilate language more easily.

Here I present an interesting and innovative way to break the cognitive patterns and allow you to reach your personal goal regarding the learning of this language: the podcasts to learn to speak Spanish easily and fluently.

My name is Liliana Pepino Argentero, I am a primary school teacher and Spanish for foreigners, and I have a master’s degree in intercultural mediation.

I have been teaching Spanish to children, teenagers and adults for more than 10 years in different environments: schools, immersion, private and in the workplace. With this set of knowledge I invite you to join an innovative, unique and effective proposal to learn Spanish.

The benefits of learning through podcasts

An interesting way to learn Spanish is by using podcasts, which have many advantages that you should consider. Remember that not taking advantage of them makes you waste your time with slow techniques, with no guaranteed results and with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

That’s why I’m sharing with you the advantages and benefits that podcasts bring to you from the experience of students and users who have used them:

  • The teacher uses his or her charisma, interaction and personality to make the classes a pleasant and warm moment; a context that predisposes you to incorporate new knowledge.
  • Emphasis is placed on oral Spanish and oral comprehension of Spanish, one of the most difficult tasks to achieve when you do not live in the native country of that language.
  • They allow you to learn no matter what level of Spanish you have – you always add new knowledge!
  • There are many podcast formats to learn: the lessons to learn Spanish by podcast vary to speed up your learning. A lesson can be taken as a lecture, a song, a tutorial or a video clip.
  • Many of the available podcasts can be downloaded so online or offline, you can always have it on your phone or tablet and take it with you everywhere.
  • The podcasts give you an excellent opportunity to listen and learn Spanish by discovering different accents, depending on the teacher’s background.
  • You can receive the different language lessons by means of multimedia files that can be either audio or video, transmitted from a RSS broadcasting system.
  • It allows you to learn in down time, such as queuing, cleaning the house, waiting in a waiting room for the doctor. It increases your productivity at all times!
  • Learn at the time that suits you best, by being able to manage your schedule according to your work and activities.

Below I will recommend some resources in podcast format to learn Spanish, which have particular benefits that I will detail below, so you can start learning without limits and wherever you are, to activate your natural ability to learn Spanish:

#1 Podcast Spanish Audio Gazette

I recommend this podcast because it has several audio formats to download and take with you on the phone or tablet, as well as Doc and PDF format with material to work on the exercises raised.

This website also provides different podcasts with accents that vary by country: from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala and even Colombia: The Spanish audio file contains recordings of various dialects, which makes this site even more interesting to learn! Access it from this link and see for yourself.

#2 Podcast Language Foundation, Radio FLE

This other resource is also one of my recommendations, because it is a radio dedicated exclusively to Spanish language topics to learn through this mass media.

This portal allows you to download ready-to-listen classes according to the level you have: A1, A2, B1 and B2, and has practical exercises, theory to understand the language, reviews and closing of each level. I invite you to visit their website from this link.

#3 Alba Learning Podcast

I recommend Alba Learning because it is a portal of audiobooks in Spanish, one of the most valued educational resources for those seeking to learn languages in an enjoyable and effective way.

The main advantage of this podcast site is that it has dozens of books in audio format so that you can download and listen again and again, understand the lexicon, accents and phrases said in Spanish.

On its website you will also find exercises and quizzes to test your level of understanding through the audio books. Find the one you like best here!

#4 Mobile Radio Podcast

I recommend this podcast also because it is about contents that refer to Latin America. Composed of different episodes, you will find the best stories in audio format to learn and have fun at the same time.

Access this link to discover one of the most effective recommendations to understand Spanish fluently in audio format conversations.

#5 Podcast Notes in Spanish

This is a podcast that I recommend mainly because it translates what is said and takes notes to save that information.

This website is especially recommended because it allows you to learn Spanish directly from listening to audio podcasts that allow all users, but especially for beginners to study the Spanish language.

Each podcast is published in audio format through a simple online player, and underneath a dialogue in text format, so that the user can understand what is being spoken fluently, but written, so that the user can see graphically the words that are being said. It is one of the most recommended ones in my opinion!

An immersive experience to really learn

They say that to learn a language well, it is best to move to the place where it is spoken every day and live for a while, to get the phrases, language terms and so on that are used there.

This is exactly what I propose! For this I invite you to learn native Spanish in an immersive experience, where you will settle in the middle of a community and you will live together to learn the day to day, most common expressions of the Spanish language and much more.

Through techniques such as repetition, which will allow you to unconsciously memorize the most common grammar, vocabulary and expressions of the Spanish language. When you need it in the middle of a conversation, you will be able to use all this with little effort, you will see that it will be easy for you!

Through the community classes, you will also improve your comprehension and interpretation skills, so that you can understand and elaborate on sentences without getting stuck in a simple and fluid way.

Are you looking for an effective method that allows you to speak in native Spanish? Do you want to learn constantly and see effective results?

In this article you will find the solution that I propose, so that you can achieve these objectives and begin to function without being tied down in this foreign language. Pay attention!

Learning Spanish is often complicated because you can’t incorporate all the vocabulary, but remember that Spanish is one of the languages with the largest number of words!

Fluency and dynamism when expressing yourself is fundamental if you want to sound like a native and that you have a perfect command of Spanish.

Learning all the time, without conventional classes?

Of course! Settled in the middle of a community that speaks native Spanish, you will take advantage of the time off to continue exercising in a pleasant way, without complications.

Without realizing it, you will be practicing the language as if you had gone on a trip and needed to make yourself understood. Isn’t that great? All this, added to the set of experiences you will live, will help you to incorporate Spanish in a playful, unconscious and natural way.

Listening to native people will help you understand Spanish with the different accents and dialects that exist so that you can get to know them all!

No matter what level you have, with this experience you will always be able to advance and accumulate new knowledge with this technique that will help you reach your goals.

This is without a doubt a great opportunity for you, where you will constantly learn Spanish along with my accompaniment and that of the natives, who are waiting for you to work together to help you learn Spanish.

A real results-oriented approach

My goal is for you to learn the language and take away with you a set of experiences that make learning native, so I make this proposal oriented one hundred percent to guaranteed results.

As with any language you want to start studying, one of the most difficult aspects of learning Spanish is to pronounce words, phrases or expressions correctly.

By means of an innovative experiential method you as a student will be able to develop and capture the accent and pronunciation more efficiently, which will result in a considerable improvement in the learning process, both in terms of quality and in the speed of incorporation of the new terms.

You will learn real Spanish, the one used on the street, every day, not a textbook language that will not serve you if you never put it into practice.

Hurry up, you still have time to join us and share a real life experience that will make learning easier.

A truly immersive experience is waiting for you in the midst of a native community, which will help you to express yourself, think and reason as if you were born in Spain. Are you going to miss it?

Discover a world of possibilities designed just for you: your appropriate level, in the best learning context you could have.

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