COVID-19 is showing us that online education is effective.

Did the coronavirus push us to learn Spanish online?

With the situation we’re living in, it’s an opportunity to do what we put off.

According to studies, the most requested languages to learn online are German and Spanish for English speakers. By learning Spanish, you acquire a base for the French and Portuguese languages (they come from Latin)

The COVID-19 is showing us that online education is effective, most of the population of the affected countries are using this method, about 7.1 million students online are responding to this new tool effectively.

Why learn a language online?

  • Greater time flexibility: you decide where you want to have your classroom
  • Opportunity to combine work and family activities
  • Cost reduction in money and time (mobility)
  • Self-discipline and responsiveness.

Learn Spanish online, how?:

To learn a language, it is necessary to work on listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written expression, but the key is oral interaction with native speakers, immersion in the language. This practice is not possible with an application, because the conversation with a person in real time does not exist, which allows the naturalization and the improvisation of the real communication.

 Why learn Spanish:

  • It is the second most spoken language in the world
  • To extend your training
  • To add value to your career
  • To travel (more than 21 countries speak Spanish, even in the USA, almost 48% of the population speaks it)

Many multinationals are working from Spanish-speaking countries, so Spanish is needed for negotiations

With the pause that we are having at world level, we can verify that the Latin American countries are being the support of the food at world level, which indicates us that there will be a restructuring of the economy: it is foreseen that Latin America will be a potential in the food sector.

 The Hispanic culture will open the student’s mind, because it contains a lot of joy and energy. 

It is very important to know the culture of the language to study, because in that way, the language is better understood.

By learning Spanish online with SMW, you can get to know songs, movies, documentaries: 


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