How you can improve your Spanish by contributing with local shops

Where to buy in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic?

With the arrival of the COVID 19 , we have noticed the importance of neighborhood stores, not only for the physical proximity, but also for security, quality of service offered to security.

The local shops brighten up everyday life, give atmosphere and personality to the streets and fill them with people, making them very crowded areas. They contribute to the vitality and improvement of the neighbourhood.

Walking around a neighbourhood with a rich trade is like window shopping, being surprised by the activities and initiatives organized by the shopkeepers, etc. We must recognize their important work, which is the contribution to the safety of our streets, to keep them clean, full and lit. Without shops, the buildings would be degraded and the neighbourhoods would be deserted.

Local commerce takes care and pampers every product it offers. A small shop will only sell products that the owner believes in and is sure of their quality, products that he would buy himself. We are beginning to be surprised that the tomatoes taste fresh, that the menu of the day does not consist of reheated food or that the last sweater we buy does not have pellets in two washes.

Small businesses are based on trust and personal service. Behind the counter, we find a true specialist who can advise us without rushing, whose knowledge and attention add value to the simple act of shopping. They know us and we know them,they are our neighbours and we trust in them. They will give you the best and treat you as so because they want to see you again and guarantee a client.

Consuming in the neighbourhood shops is a good formula to contribute to local recovery. The money we invest in neighborhood stores continues to flow into our neighborhood contributing to the economic prosperity of our immediate environment.

This benefit is returned to us by redistributing it to the people and families around us. Our welfare state and quality of life will grow substantially by activating consumption, since buying in local stores is investing in oneself. So let us rejoice in the good of our neighbour because his good is our good.

The highlights.

Local commerce have acquired a very significant value with the arrival of COVID-19, due to the proximity, trust with the seller, the quality of the product or the service it provides to the neighborhood.
It is very important to support this sector of the community because it is positive for all inhabitants.


Proximity to the home is an added value that consumers appreciate today more than ever, and it is not just a plus in terms of comfort. Committed to the health of their customers, many stores have decided to deliver their purchases to their homes without any interest.


Local stores offer experience, a relationship based on trust and personal attention, often with a high degree of specialization.


From the customer’s perspective, shopping in a neighborhood business is a way to support local commerce and production, activities that are suffering intensely from the crisis.


Consumption of local products in nearby stores is a more sustainable option. The impact of the coronavirus on global supply chains highlights the importance of having a strong local product.

Platforms have long been developed to bring together and support local stores: “‘Yo por ti, Tú por mí’ is a non-profit web platform that allows us to buy vouchers from our neighboring stores.the goal is to ensure that local stores, which will suffer most from this crisis, do not have to close down.

La Tiendología, another application that lets citizens know about the benefits of their neighborhood store, the one that has always been there to serve them.

Another tool is Billionhands, the new online discount platform that connects people and businesses of all kinds and from all over the world, can become the best virtual showcase to promote the small neighborhood business that continues to open its doors every day.

There are many reasons to buy and collaborate with local shops, these stores are present in the lives of the neighbours, always.

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