Here you will find the list of the most difficult languages to learn

What is the most difficult language to learn?

Thanks to the phenomenon of globalization experienced in recent years, it has become more than necessary to learn new languages. Although learning a language is not an easy task, it can be quite entertaining and satisfying.

There are many high and low level languages around the world that you can learn, however, some are more complicated than others. Do you want to know which is the most difficult language to learn?

The difficulty of a language is related to more than one factor. You can find many rankings and lists dedicated to listing the most complicated languages in the world. However, this question is often the subject of discussion and debate.

What some people find difficult to understand, others find relatively easy, so although there are some “more difficult” languages, you should not limit yourself to learning them.

Top 5 most difficult languages to learn

Some sources such as Ethnologue claim that there are 7,111 living languages in the world.

This number can seem quite overwhelming, so when choosing the most difficult language to learn worldwide, the most relevant languages, or number of speakers, are considered.

Below, we present the top 5 most difficult languages to learn:

#1 Chinese (Mandarin).

This is the language with the most native speakers in the world, however, for non-native speakers, it is one of the most difficult languages to understand and learn. This is because it is a tonal language.

In the case of this language, each sound has 4 possible intonations, each one with a different meaning. In addition, it is the language with the most homophonic words, which are words that are written the same, but have different meanings.

Although there is a less complicated way to learn its alphabet and it is not necessary to learn its characters, it is the most complicated language in the world, because you have to learn correct intonation and expression.

It takes months, even years, to master the basics of the language. Thus earning the position as the most complicated language in the world.

#2 Arabic

In the case of this language, most of the letters can be written in 4 different ways, depending on the position they occupy within the word.

In addition, vowels are not included in the written language, so Arabic is the most complicated language to translate.

Another complication of this language is its alphabet, which is completely different from those of other languages.

It has different dialects, as it is spoken in more than 20 countries, which makes it even more complicated to learn.

#3 Japanese

Although, this is easier than Mandarin Chinese, it still has a high level of difficulty. One of the reasons why this one is so complicated is because it has 3 different writing systems.

These are independent from each other, so depending on the word you want to write you will have to resort to one system, or the other. So, before you start writing and expressing yourself in it, you will have to memorize thousands of characters.

However, its grammatical rules are quite simple compared to other languages, so there are certain advantages when starting to study this language.

#4 Hungarian

Although those who study this language recognize that it is one of the most historical and interesting languages they have learned, it is known as the most difficult language in Eastern Europe.

In addition to having a difficult grammar, its pronunciation is also quite complicated, in fact, it can take years to master. One of the reasons why it is considered so difficult is because it has subtle cultural elements and idioms.

#5 Korean

This is a unique language, which has not been able to be related in a genealogical way to any other language. The structure of its sentences is very different from the sentences in Spanish.

In addition, similar to Hungarian, it has cultural elements that must be kept in mind when communicating with native speakers of this language.

However, students of this language claim that their alphabet is significantly simpler than that of Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

Is it possible to learn the world’s most difficult language?

Studying languages is a bumpy and complicated road, however, it is not an impossible achievement. Whatever language you choose, you must commit to studying and practicing regularly to achieve a high level of proficiency in it.

Surrounding yourself with material that will help you improve your understanding and expression in it is fundamental.

Whether you want to learn English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, or the most difficult language in the world: Mandarin Chinese, it will be your effort and perseverance that will guarantee your success.

Once you have decided to learn a language, make sure you apply the immersion method to learn naturally and effectively. In a short time, you will see how you master all the languages that you propose, whether they are the simplest or the most complicated ones.

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