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What is the AP Spanish language and culture exam?

In the preparation answers ap practice exam of spanish language and culture 2021 you have to demonstrate the communication and language skills, developed in the course and the understanding of Spanish speaking cultures.

There are six units for the exam, families in different societies: the influence of language and culture, and the influences of beauty and art identity, how science and technology affect our lives, factors that influence quality of life, and environmental, political and social challenges; these are the topics that will be covered in the AP Spanish literature exam.

These topics come from the recommended contexts of language and culture that are personal and public identities: science and technology, global challenges, families and communities, beauty and aesthetics, and contemporary life; therefore you should be prepared to read texts, listen to audios, write and speak about these topics in Spanish, especially with regard to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

The skills tested on the exam are those seen on the screen; you must be able to understand the text, make connections, interpret the text, make meanings, speak to others, write to others, present orally, and present a written statement in Spanish on the Spanish Language and Culture Ap exam.

The AP Spanish exam is divided into two sections: the first is multiple choice and the second is free response.

In section one, multiple choice: there is a part A and a part B.

Part A has 30 multiple choice questions about reading texts only; part B has 35 multiple choice questions about reading texts and listening to audio sources, and then answering the questions about them.

In the second free answer section there are four questions:

  • The first question is an email response: you have to read a short email and then respond in writing, for which you are allotted 15 minutes
  • The second question is an argumentative essay: you have almost an hour to do this section.
    You are asked to read a text and interpret a text, usually a graphic table or a figure, and listen to an audio source; then you are asked to write an argumentative or persuasive essay to answer a question, synthesizing the information from those three sources.
  • The third question is a pre-recorded ap spanish conversation practice in which the other person’s parts are already recorded and every couple of seconds there is a pause, there is a tone and a 20 second pause; you are then given the opportunity to respond to what the person has just said or to answer his or her question, and you have 20 seconds for every time there is a pause.
  • Fourth question: the last part of the exam is a cultural comparison speech. There is a question or topic such as “culture-related,” and you are asked to compare your culture to the culture of the Spanish-speaking world or a Spanish-speaking country, in addition to talking about that topic; for that section you only have four minutes to think and prepare your answer and then two minutes to record your answer.

This is what the exam looks like.

The way it is graded is on a scale from one to five, five being the maximum you can do, and it is a combination of your multiple choice answers as well as your free answer answers.

For the multiple choice section the audio and texts are taken from a lot of different types of materials: some of the questions are promotional material, i.e. advertisements; some are literary texts, e.g. a short section of a novel, a short section of a story, poetry, things like that.

Some of them are interpretations of articles and charts, newspaper articles, graphs, tables or data, in Spanish.

Some of the texts are a letter that has to be read in addition to the audio, and for some of the texts, the reading; there are audio reports and articles, for example: audio news, reports, conversations, graphics, interviews, instructions… as well as presentations such as a formal speech.

Finally for the free response section, again just to repeat, the first part is an email response: you have to read a short email and then write a response to it; in the second part the argumentative essay is given to you from two sources: the printed one and the audio one, and you have time to read and listen, prepare and organize your thoughts, and then write an essay integrating the information from the sources to support your argument; in the third part you are participating in a simulated conversation that is pre-recorded every time it is your turn, and you have five turns, and every time it is your turn you have 20 seconds to answer; finally the last free response question is the cultural comparison speech where you need to compare an aspect of the Spanish speaking community with that which you are familiar with in your own culture or community, to demonstrate an understanding of the culture of the Spanish speaking community.

This is an explanation of the AP spanish preparing for the language and culture examination answers. I hope it can help you.

Exam Components:

  • Section 1A: Multiple Choice
    30 questions——- 40mins——– 23% of Score
  • Section 1B: Multiple Choice with Audio
    35 questions—— 55mins ——27% of Score
  • Section 2A: Free Response Written
    2 questions——– 1hr 10mins——– 25% of Score
  • Section 2B: Free Response Spoken
    2 questions —–18mins—— 25% of Score
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