Fan transforms Sonic Frontiers into a 2D game

SA2 divides gameplay into three types instead of six, limited to Sonic/Shadow speed stages, Knuckles/Rouge treasure hunting and Tails/Eggman mech combat. By halving the diversity to consolidate resources and doubling down on polish, Sonic Team ensured SA2’s gameplay’s quality. The debut of Shadow the Hedgehog and an endearingly pulpy story are just icing on the cake.

  • Based on what is shown in the trailer, I see a very large obstacle course that looks like loads of fun to play but may lack a sense of direction.
  • If you can overlook a merely okay feeling game, though, Sonic Frontiers does a ton right and puts Sonic on an interesting path forward.
  • You’re fifteen minutes into a game, and the enemy team is steamrolling you.

This design gave us another radical deviation from the traditional Sonic design in that this version had blue arms instead of flesh-colored ones. Needlemouse is the literal translation of the Japanese word for hedgehog. But, thankfully, that soon changed to Sonic, as Naka was keen on making a game that featured supersonic speed. Destiny’s Sword tasks players with not just efficacy in combat, but also managing the mental health of their squad, and it’s backed by science.

Sonic and the Black Knight (3D) – 2009

Trying to add complex relationships, detailed lore and unnecessary emotional scenes complicate what should be a simple story about saving the world. There’s is nothing wrong about taking chances on a stale formula but perhaps a Sonic game isn’t the best place to attempt deep story. Once Sonic Mars was abandoned, work on the game was shifted onto the Sega Saturn.

A simple control design allows Sonic to jump and attack with a single button. Alongside original J-pop music, Sonic became Sega’s mascot and sold over 24 million copies worldwide. Sonic & Knuckles was developed simultaneously with the Sonic 3, and for that reason, we put it in the same rank.

Sonic Frontiers interview: ‘Fans don’t yet understand what this new gameplay is’

Other 2D Sonic games in recent years have you going so fast that you can’t react to anything that’s about to happen. Sure, Sonic Mania has some fast moments that send you Visit Web through loops and corkscrews, but it’s much more about platforming — timing jumps, avoiding enemies, collecting rings, and searching for secret paths. But then I got try Green Hill Zone Act 2, which was a new level inspired by the original Green Hill Zone. Act 2 feels like a classic Sonic stage, mixing moments of speed with plenty of platforming and diverging paths. It’s also gorgeous, with lush backgrounds that Sega based on concept art for the original Green Hill Zone.

Sonic Rush at least did something interesting with that second screen, electing to showcase what’s going on either above or below Sonic depending on what screen he’s on, which helps you plan out routes or avoid sudden enemies. The unique mechanic in question sees Knuckles and a partner character tethered together, which they can use to solve puzzles and gain speed boosts. Meanwhile, night-time Sonic sees the Werehog form battering the snot out of a bunch of inky demons with combat that feels like an infinitely worse version of the original God of War trilogy. Unleashed is a game of two halves, and if that second half was a lot better, it’d be way further up on this list. With that in mind, here’s the 20 best Sonic games of all time.

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